Kilauea Volcano Information

Kilauea Volcano Information
Hawaiian legend says the Kilauea volcano is the home of the fire goddess Pele. Kilauea is the centerpiece of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Hikers, bikers, and other visitors are treated to the spectacular scenery of the mountain plus a variety of flora and fauna unique to Hawaii.


There are many trails for hikers, which are rated from easy to challenging. Trails include Crater Rim and the moderate to challenging Kilauea Iki, which runs through the rainforest area on Kilauea.



Most trails accommodate bikers as well as hikers. Crater Rim and Waldron Ledge, which passes through a zone of earthquake damage, are two examples.


Two free campgrounds, Namakanipaio and Kulanaokuaiki, are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The campgrounds are accessible by car. You do have to pay park admission.

Cave Tours

The many lava tubes and caves of Kilauea are off limits to unescorted visitors. However, guided tours led by park rangers are available.


As of 2010 a 7-day vehicle pass cost $10. If you go on foot or use a bicycle/motorcycle, the 7-day pass is $5. Annual passes cost $25.

What to Bring

You'll need plenty of water for the hot climate. Bring sun protection and raingear as the weather can change in minutes. Take along snacks or a lunch for longer hikes.


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