Information on the Brazilian Amazon

Information on the Brazilian Amazon
The rain forests in South America are the largest in the world and the most biologically diverse regions in the world. The majority of the Amazon rain forest covers most of Brazil and touches on neighboring countries including Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.


The Brazilian Amazon is a tropical rain forest. Tropical rain forests cover more area than temperate rain forests and they are found farther inland.


The Brazilian Amazon is probably the most well-known rain forest because of its size. The Amazon is estimated to cover 1.2 billion acres and contain 25 million acres of forest.


The Amazon is the target of conservation and environmental advocacy groups over a number of issues. These conflicts include deforestation, poaching and smuggling.


The Amazon River flows through 4,000 miles of South American territory and is fed by 1,100 tributaries. In addition, the river's size allows ocean liners to navigate through some parts of the river.


The Brazilian Amazon contains a vastly diverse ecosystem of plant life, insects and animals. This concentration of biodiversity is estimated to be largest in the world.

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