Facts on the Tower of London

Facts on the Tower of London
Initially constructed in the 11th century, the Tower of London has been expanded and used by the English monarchy as a fortress, prison and execution house. Today, visitors can tour the grounds and see the historical landmark for themselves.


The beginnings of the Tower of London wecan be traced to William the Conqueror, a Norman who invaded and won control of England in 1066 after the Battle of Hastings. The first permanent part of the structure, the White Tower, was built in 1076. William intended for the tower to function as a fortress to protect his new territory


Throughout its history, the Tower of London has been used as a prison and execution site for famous inmates including William Hastings, Mary Queen of Scots, Sir Thomas More and King Henry VI.


The Tower of London sits alongside the River Thames in the southeast corner of the city.


The tower is actually composed of 20 individual towers, including Devereux Tower, Flint Tower, Bowyer Tower, Brick Tower and Bloody Tower. The largest and most famous, the White Tower, sits in the center of the complex.


The group of towers that make up this landmark occupies 18 acres of land. The White Tower alone reaches a height of 90 feet and a width of 118 by 107 feet.


The Tower of London is a popular tourist destination, managed by Historic Royal Palaces. Tours are available for individuals, families and large groups every day, year 'round.

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