Information on Redwood National Park & State Park

Information on Redwood National Park & State Park
About half of the remaining old growth redwood forest is protected by a network of state parks combined with the Redwood National Park. These combine the natural attractions of the sea, the stream and the forest into a wonderland for outdoors enthusiasts.

The Parks

The redwood park system consists of Redwood National Park and three California State Parks: Del Norte Coast, Jedediah Smith, and Prairie Creek parks. Combined, they enclose about 206 square miles in Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

Hiking Trails

The parks have about 200 miles of hiking trails among them. Some of these trails are also open to mountain bikers and horseback riders.


Many of the waterways and beaches in the park are open to some kind of fishing all year around. Only Prairie Creek, Wilson Creek Pond, and Enderts Beach have limited seasons.

The Coast

The redwood parks are not often thought of for their beaches, but the park system contains several northern California beaches. Clamming, whale watching and sea kayaking are just some of the seashore activities possible there.


Redwood National Park has no admission fee. The State Parks also do not charge admission fees, but there are day use fees for some areas on their grounds.

Camping and Accommodations

The park system offers campsites suitable for RVs, tents-only sites that have basic or primitive facilities and backcountry camping by permit. There is also the non-camping accommodations of the Redwoods National Park Hostel.

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