Information About Alaska

Information About Alaska
Alaska is often referred to as "the last frontier," because it is one of the world's most sparsely populated areas, and remains rich in natural resources. This reputation lures in tourists who embark on recreational expeditions into the Alaskan wilderness.


Alaska is the largest state in the United States. Spanning over 572,000 square miles, it is more than twice the size of Texas and six times bigger than Great Britain.


Because of its diverse geographic landscape and proximity to Arctic Siberia and the North Pacific, Alaska has a varying climate. The lowest recorded temperature for the state is -80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest is 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The state also receives unpredictable rainfall.


Though Alaska has tried to encourage tourists to visit during the winter, most travelers flock to the state in the summer. This season, from June through August, enjoys the best weather and the longest days--which makes it popular for outdoor enthusiasts.


Some tourists come to Alaska for a challenging hike into the wilderness. Often, hikers can journey for days without running into another person. Many brave hikers find that the winter season lends itself best to exploration, because the waterways are frozen and easier to cross.


Anglers travel to Alaska for its wealth of Pacific salmon, halibut and trout. If you plan to trek into the waterways of this state for a fishing expedition, you can buy your fishing license online, through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sport Fish Division.

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