Josephine Lake Glacier Park

Josephine Lake Glacier Park
Lake Josephine offers stunning views and easily accessible trails. Located within a 2-mile hike to Many Glacier Hotel and Many Glacier Campground, this backcountry lake is a favorite of hikers.

Lake Josephine Trail

A paved path from the upper Swiftcurrent boat dock leads to the foot of the lake. A wooded 1.4-mile trail along the shore leads to the head of Lake Josephine, with red rock and natural scenery as the view.

Boat Tours

Boat tours are offered on Lake Josephine beginning at Swiftcurrent Lake. Patrons have the option of remaining on the boat or exiting to enjoy hiking and nature viewing of Grinnell Valley.

Backcountry Lake

Lake Josephine is considered one of the easiest backcountry lakes to reach in Glacier National Park. Although there are no roads to the lake, which is why it is considered backcountry, the trails are not difficult and there is easy access from Swiftcurrent Lake.

Lake Josephine Activities

A 200-yard hike from the front-country Swiftcurrent Lake to Lake Josephine offers visitors the chance to carry their canoe, kayak or paddleboat to Lake Josephine; tubing is also accommodating because of this. The trails near the lake also allow hikers to stop near the shore for a picnic or rest.

Nearby Attractions

Attractions within hiking distance of Lake Josephine include Grinnell Lake, Grinnell Glacier, Hidden Falls and Stump Lake. The Lake Josephine Trail leads to routes for these attractions and to additional hiking.


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