When Do Purple Martins Nest?

When Do Purple Martins Nest?
Purple Martins nest throughout the United States during the warmer months. A pair of Purple Martins will typically hatch just one brood during the nesting season although, if they are unsuccessful, they may try again during the same season.

Breeding Season

Breeding season varies depending on where in the country the Purple Martin lives. In the southern United States, breeding season begins in March; in the northern states breeding season typically occurs in May or June.


Building a Nest

Purple Martin pairs will typically begin building nests about one month before the eggs are laid.

Laying Eggs

Eggs are laid around April in the southern states and June or July in the northern states.

Incubation Time

Female Purple Martins incubate the eggs in the nest for approximately 15 days before they begin to hatch.


It can take several days for all the eggs to hatch. Once the eggs are hatched the young Purple Martins typically stay in the nest for about a month before they leave.


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