About Tandem Bicycles

About Tandem Bicycles
Tandem bicycles are bikes that hold and carry more than one person. Generally there are two riders---one that steers and peddles and one that peddles and rides behind. These types of bicycles offer a convenient way to travel with partners along roads and bike trails.


Someone who rides in the front of the bike either on a recumbent tandem or a regular tandem is referred to as the captain. The person behind the captain is called the stoker.


The main types of tandem bicycles include three wheeled, hand and foot, touring, recumbent and mountain.

General Use

Most tandem bicycles are used for pleasure purposes for occasional riding and recreational events. Tandems are popular at tourist sites such as Mackinac Island, Michigan, where motor vehicles are prohibited.


Some tandem bikes are used in the Paralympics where a captain with normal vision guides the bike and the stoker, who may have impaired vision, can pedal the rear of the bike. Tandem off-roading through the backcountry is also a popular sport as riders make their way through rough terrain.


Popular brands of tandem bicycles include Burley, Da Vinci, Fuji and Santana. Most can be bought at bike shops or outdoor recreation stores.

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