Information on Train Trips From Skagway, Alaska

Information on Train Trips From Skagway, Alaska
Skagway, the gateway to the Klondike, is a city that is located in the Upper Lynn Canal in the northernmost point of southeast Alaska. The original tracks built in the late 1800s from the gold rush are still used today---offering stunning views of mountains, glaciers, lakes and gorges.

Yukon Adventure

This six- to eight-hour train trip departs from Skagway following the trail of the Carcross Yukon to the White Pass Summit and into British Columbia via the White Pass and Yukon Route.

Fraser Meadows

This steam train excursion departs from Skagway on the famous Engines No. 73 and No. 69. Chug along the iron trail on some of the most ruggedly carved out terrain in Alaska. Climb up 3,000 feet and witness dense forests and lakes below through the antique train carriages.

White Pass

For those who are looking to climb high---this winding train trip offers breathtaking winds and turns to the top of the White Pass. Creep beside rocky cliffs, icy mountain tops and take in the views 2,865 feet up.

Train and Motorcoach Combo

Start off on a one-way trip from Skagway to locations such as Whitehorse, Fraser and Carcross. Unboard the train to sightsee, then board a motorcoach for scenic views along the Klondike Highway.

Train and Hike Combo

Board the train in Skagway and experience the beauty of remote Alaska while traveling to the Denver Glacier, Chilkoot Trail and Laughton. Hike through the backcountry alone or with a tour guide.

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