Information on Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Information on Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Dutch Harbor is the primary neighborhood and port of the Alaskan city of Unalaska, a small island town established by the Russians in 1759. It has been home to the Unangan native people for thousands of years. Today, Dutch Harbor is said to be the number one commercial fishing port in the United States.

Dutch Harbor vs. Unalaska

The city of Unalaska is located on the Aleutian chain, a series of islands branching off of the southwestern tip of the state. The name "Dutch Harbor" refers only to the portion of the city located on Amaknak Island where most of the city's 4,000 people reside.

Bird Watching

The Harbor is home to endless species of birds, including tufted and horned puffins, the extremely rare Whiskered Auklet, and many many more. Many of these species can be seen by simply walking on the beach or taking a boat ride in the bay. However, there are four specific locations that are said to be especially good for birding: the Captain's Bay, Mt. Ballyhoo, Pyramid Valley, and Summer's Bay.

Eider Point Volcano

On the northern side of the Island, about four miles to the northeast across the bay from the Dutch Harbor, is the Eider Point Volcano. A five to six hour hike can be taken to the top of this volcano from which an excellent view of the entire town and surrounding area is visible. Unfortunately, the trail cannot be accessed by car. However, there are companies that offer boat rides across the bay to the trail head, including Aleutian Adventure Sports.

Sea Fishing

Dutch Harbor is one of the most important commercial fishing ports in the world. Even so, there's still room for amateurs to get in on some of the action. There are a few different boating services in the town that offer bay fishing tours including Miss Alyssa Excursions and Fishing Vessel Lucille.


Dutch Harbor has a long and complicated history stretching back to the native Unangan people. Since the eighteenth century it has been alternatively under the control of the Russians, the Spanish, and the United States, as well as the Japanese for a brief time during WWII. One of the most prominent buildings in Dutch Harbor is the Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Cathedral, which is said to be one of the oldest cruciform-style Russian churches still standing in the United States. It is home to Russian artifacts including Orthodox icons and artwork.

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