Alaska Fishing Regulations for Salmon

Alaska Fishing Regulations for Salmon
In the minds of many anglers, the rivers and streams of Alaska are synonymous with salmon. A fisherman planning a trip to Alaska to fish for salmon needs to know the regulations established by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

License Price

In 2009, an annual sport fishing license for an Alaska resident was $24. For nonresidents, it was much more expensive: $55 for a week, $80 for two weeks and $145 for a year.


King Salmon Stamp

In addition to the license, resident or nonresident salmon fishermen need a stamp on the license for fishing king salmon. In 2009, this cost residents $10 for an annual stamp and nonresidents between $10 for a one-day stamp and $100 for a one-year stamp.

Not for Resale

It is unlawful for anyone with a sport fishing license to sell their catch, including salmon. No person may buy or barter sport-caught fish or their parts.

Banned Methods

Snagging of freshwater fish, meaning hooking them anywhere other than in the mouth, is not allowed. Also prohibited are the use of poisons or explosives, as well as building artificial impediments like dams to help catch fish.

Arrows and Spears

Arrow and spearfishing are also not allowed. These tools are permitted for some other fish in certain specified areas, but never for salmon.

Salmon Limits

There are always limits on how many salmon can be caught per day, and usually the size of the fish, and these vary by region. The 2009 limit for Kuskokwim is five for ordinary salmon, 10 for king salmon below 20 inches and three for salmon above 20 inches.


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