Information About the Mayport Naval Station

Information About the Mayport Naval Station
Naval Station Mayport is a U.S. Navy base in Duval County, Florida. It's the third largest concentration of U.S. naval forces and also has a military airfield with an asphalt paved runway. Naval Station Mayport has a harbor that can accommodate 34 ships at a time.


Naval Station Mayport is located at the mouth of the St. Johns River, seven miles east of Jacksonville, Florida.


Naval Station Mayport was commissioned as a naval station in December 1942 and the air facility was commissioned in 1944. They were both decommissioned after World War II but reactivated in 1948. Naval Station Mayport is still active as of 2010.


Naval Station Mayport isn't open to the general public but it does offer tours for youth groups affiliated with the U.S. Navy. You can arrange tours with the Public Affairs Office at 904-270-5226.


Naval Station Mayport is the home port for 22 U.S. Navy ships. These include four missile cruisers, four missile destroyers, 13 missile frigates and a training support vessel.

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