Mahoney State Park in Omaha, Nebraska

Mahoney State Park in Omaha, Nebraska
Mahoney State Park is located in Nebraska, about 30 minutes from the cities of Lincoln and Omaha. The park is open throughout the year and provides the opportunity to enjoy a variety of summer and winter outdoor activities.


Mahoney State Park was named for Eugene T. Mahoney, a former head of the National Game and Parks Commission. Nebraska's state parks were upgraded significantly during Mahoney's tenure.


Mahoney offers visitors a choice of two lakes. You can enjoy boating and fishing on the 10-acre Quest Lake or the 4 1/2 acre Owens Marina Lake, both of which are well-stocked with a variety of fish.

Other Activities

Mahoney also contains an abundance of hiking and biking trails. In the winter, activities include cross-country skiing, ice skating, downhill sledding and ice fishing. Winter activities are available from November through March.


If you're not planning to bring a tent or trailer, Mahoney offers 51 cabins for rent, some with as many as six bedrooms. You can also reserve a guest room for a minimum of two nights at the Peter Kiewit Lodge.

Water Park

In the summer, Mahoney visitors can enjoy the on-site water park, with features such as two water slides, a swimming pool and wading pool. The park has its own admission fees, which is $7 for adults and $6 for children under 12 as of 2010.

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