Facts on Yadkin River in North Carolina

Facts on Yadkin River in North Carolina
The Yadkin River, which becomes the Pee Dee River at its convergence with the Rocky River, is one of the largest rivers in North Caroline with a total length of 29 miles, not including the Pee Dee which continues for 60 miles.


The Yadkin is popular for whitewater rafting and kayaking, but it is a fairly gentle river. Its AW class is I-II, making it good for beginners or people looking for a relaxing river ride.


The Yadkin is long enough to raft or kayak over a two day period. You will have to drive a bit to find lodging as in many sections the river is at least 20 miles from a hotel. However, there are numerous campsites along the river and close by.

Starting Point

The starting point for rafting and kayaking is an eight mile drive west of Lexington-Thomasville and can be accessed via highway 64.


The Yadkin is popular for fishing and is home to several species of fish including white bass, largemouth bass, sunfish and catfish. Fishing is said to be the best in the spring and summer.

State Parks

The Yadkin runs through two state parks, the Pilot Mountain State Park and the Morrow Mountain State Park. The section of the river that passes through Pilot Mountain State Park is about two miles long and contains two small islands that can be reached by canoe.

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