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  • Cerro Azul Chile Volcano Information

    Cerro Azul Chile Volcano Information
    Chile is a nation of many wonders, and it stretches vertically across most of western South America. While it might not be the first nation on many people's lists to visit, the hiking and outdoor activities are hard to match. The Cerro Azul Volcano is one that can be hiked around with local guides.


    The Cerro Azul Volcano has an active history. Although its last known eruption was in 1967, in both 1846 and 1932 the Cerro Azul had two of the largest volcanic eruptions in South American history.


    Past eruptions helped to create the Quizapu Crater, a very popular destination for adventure tourists. There are also lava fields surrounding Cerro Azul that are nearly nine square kilometers in size.


    The Cerro Azul volcano is located near the middle of Chile, very close to the border with Argentina. This volcano is part of the Descabezado Grande-Cerro Azul eruptive system.


    The climate in this area is similar to many European climates with hot dry summers, but cold moist winters. Traveling here in winter is not recommended.

    Getting There

    While there are limitations to how close you can get to each volcano in the area, local guides will be able to assist adventure travelers in getting as close to Cerro Azul Volcano as is possible or practical.

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