Adventure Vacations for Belize

Adventure Vacations for Belize
Belize is considered by many travelers to be an undiscovered attention. It doesn't get the attention of Costa Rica, Mexico or Cuba, but Belize has a unique blend of culture, climate and geography that allows them to offer a taste of adventure travel in both the Caribbean and Central America.


Belize borders Guatemala to the west, the Yucatan Peninsula to the north, and the Caribbean to the east. The nation experiences a tropical climate.

Barrier Reef

Belize's Barrier Reef is a one of a kind in North America and attracts tens of thousands of snorkelers and scuba divers every year. The "Blue Hole" is especially popular, and a formation like that hasn't been found anyone else in the world.

River Adventures

There are many options for river adventures in Belize, which include activities like cave tubing, river kayaking and ocean kayaking.

Guided Packages

There are many guided adventure tours through Belize, and many of them are even specialty oriented such as scuba tours or river kayaking tours or jungle hiking tours.

Go Solo

Belize is a very safe country, and many visitors choose to go solo. There are Mayan ruins all through the north, cave repelling, jungle hikes or some beautiful beaches for days where just unwinding sounds like heaven.

The Jungle

The jungle is a very popular destination not only because of the Mayan Ruins, but because of many great hiking trails and a wide variety of animal and bird life visitors can only find here.

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