State of Alaska Information

State of Alaska Information
Alaska proudly calls itself "The Last Frontier," and the state can back that up. The largest state by far, Alaska receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year who want to explore its natural beauty and have the kind of adventure a destination like Alaska promises.


Alaska is the northernmost state, and is so large that if divided 50-50 into two states, both would be bigger than Texas. Alaska also has more coastline than all the continental U.S. combined.



There is a wide variety of fishing in Alaska, from salmon, northern pike, and lake trout in the rivers and lakes to world-class halibut fishing off the Kenai Peninsula.


Alaska has more active pilots per capita than any other state, with roughly 1 in 77 civilians owning an active pilot's license. Bush pilots are critical to getting to much of Alaska, as most of the state is without roads.

The Pipeline

The famous oil pipeline stretches from Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean to Valdez on the southern coast. The pipeline is easy to see up close. Many people have hiked large sections of Alaska by following the pipeline.


Denali is the local name for Mount McKinley, and the tallest point in North America. Denali State Park is one of the most popular places in Alaska to visit.


There's good hiking throughout Alaska. State parks offer hundreds of hiking trails, from north of Fairbanks all the way past Anchorage down the Kenai Peninsula.


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Monty Dayton is a professional freelance writer who has worked for the ACLU, Touchstone Publishing LLC, the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and many other employers. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Alaska and loves writing about travel, the outdoors and health topics.

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