Gray Reef Fishing Regulations in Wyoming

Gray Reef Fishing Regulations in Wyoming
The famed Gray Reef section of the North Platte River offers 40 miles of some of the country's best trout fishing. "The Reef" begins below Gray Reef Reservoir, a small impoundment just below Alcova Reservoir, and flows northeast toward Casper. This winding trout habitat features area-specific regulations of which anglers should take note.

Wyoming Regulation Basics

To experience the Gray Reef, you need a Wyoming fishing license. Residents pay $24 for the year while non-residents will pay $92 for the year or $14 for a single day as of 2010.

Area-Specfic Regulations

Anglers fishing the North Platte River from Gray Reef Dam down, 8 miles to the boundary of Lusby Public Fishing Area in Natrona County will have to consider a limit of one trout per day or in possession. All trout measuring less than 20 inches shall be released. Anglers can only fish with artificial flies and lures. The stretch lying between the closed signs at the cable crossings is closed to fishing from April 1 through April 30 as of 2010.

Lusby Public Fishing Area Downstream To Bessemer Bend Bridge

Action of the next stretch of the Reef from Lusby Public Fishing Area downriver to Bessemer Bend Bridge at Natrona County Road 308 has limitations as well. The trout limit bumps up to three per day or in possession and out of those three keepers, only one can measure more than 16 inches.

Artifical Flies and Lures

For clarification on the term artificial, anglers may fish with man-made spoons, spinners, plugs and plastics which feature only nonedible materials. Artificial flies includes streamers, jigs or poppers tied from materials. These items cannot include living or dead organisms, edible parts or any food or chemical attractants.

Year-Round Fishing

Aside from the closed area in April each year, action on the Gray Reef is a year-round option. The flows coming out of the reservoir keep the water ice free and fishable. It is always good to call ahead if there's been an extended period of cold to be sure your chosen ramp is open for launching.

Article Written By Brian La Rue

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