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  • Facts on Shipshewana, Indiana

    Facts on Shipshewana, Indiana
    Shipshewana, Indiana, is the third largest Amish community in the United States and it offers a host of tourist attractions. However, it is also known for its generous hiking and biking trails.

    Shipshewana Lake

    Visitors to the town may go fishing at Shipshewana Lake, which is home to a native population of bass. According to local history, this lake was the site of the main camp of a small band of Potawatomi Indians. Their chief is the town's namesake.

    Pumkinvine Nature Trail

    This 26-mile trail is in the process of being completed as of 2010. When it is finished, it will stretch from Elkhart to Shipshewana. The portion of the trail connecting to Shipshewana is not yet completed. However, a small section of the trail is open in nearby Middleburry with parking accessible off of highway 20.

    Annual Bike Ride

    A yearly bike ride, open to the public, takes place along the Pumpkinvine Trail. This ride has various starting points depending on the strength and endurance of the riders. It generally occurs in mid-June. Hikers should note that the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail is a paved trail, not a rough dirt trail. It is ideal for leisurely biking and hiking. More information can be found at


    Shipshewana is quaintness personified with a population of just 536---people who nevertheless comprise an active and vibrant community. Although agriculture is its main industry, the town is also famous for authentic Amish furniture, known for its high quality and longevity.


    Aside from outdoor activities, Shipshewana is most often visited for its famous flea market, which is one of the largest in the Midwest. It is held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from May to October. The town is also home to more than 150 shops that attract at least 500,000 visitors every year.

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