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  • Lifetime Fishing License in Wyoming

    Lifetime Fishing License in Wyoming
    Wyoming law states that any individual older than 13 must have a valid fishing license to fish within state borders. A lifetime license for fishermen is available, as long as the person meets specific requirements.

    Types of Fishing Licenses

    A resident of Wyoming has the option to purchase a lifetime fishing license or to continue to buy an annual license. As of 2019, the annual license fee was $27 and the resident youth annual fishing license fee was $3, while the lifetime license sold for $311.

    Non-residents can purchase an annual fishing license for $102 or $15 for youth. The daily cost for a nonresident fishing license is $14 for adults and youth. A 5-day nonresidential fishing license can be purchased for $56. 


    Anyone who applies for a lifetime fishing license in Wyoming must fulfill the requirement that he or she has been a Wyoming resident for the 10 years prior to applying. Non-residents are not eligible for lifetime licenses.


    The Wyoming Department of Fish and Game website states that residents have the option to purchase a lifetime fishing license ($311) along with a lifetime conservation stamp. The total cost of purchasing a lifetime fishing license and a lifetime conservation stamp is $496.50 as of 2019. If you choose not to buy the lifetime stamp, then you must purchase an annual conservation stamp each year for $12.50. There are no qualifications for purchasing a lifetime conservation stamp, everyone is eligible. 

    A lifetime fishing license is valid for the lifetime of the owner. Once a lifetime pass has been purchased it cannot be upgraded or changed in any way, although additional privileges can be purchased separately. 

    Senior Licenses

    There are two senior fishing licenses in Wyoming: A Pioneer and Honorably Discharged Veteran Pioneer Bird, Fish and Small Game License. Both licenses amount to a lifetime fishing license for Wyoming residents 65 years and older. To qualify for a Pioneer license, you need to have continually resided in Wyoming for the 30 years before applying for it. To qualify for an Honorably Discharged Veteran Pioneer license you must be 65 years old, have lived in the state continuously for 30 years immediately preceding the application date, and be an honorably discharged veteran of a branch fo the US military. There is no charge for a Pioneer or Honorably Discharged Veteran Pioneer license. 


    You may apply for lifetime fishing licenses in-person in Wyoming at the Cheyenne headquarters of the Wyoming Fish and Game Department, located in the capital at 5400 Bishop Boulevard. You may also apply in-person at Wyoming Game and Fish Department Regional Offices in Jackson, Pinedale, Cody, Sheridan, Green River, Laramie, Lander or Casper. Applications can also be mailed to any of the offices listed above but allow 15 business days for processing. 

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