Eurail Pass Information

Eurail Pass Information
If you want to get around Europe by train, you purchase Eurail (or, Eurorail) passes. On the days your pass covers, you can take an unlimited amount of train trips. Passes allow travel through one country or several countries or regions.

Flexipass vs. Consecutive Pass

If you want to travel by train every day for some number of days in a row, the consecutive pass is the right choice. To travel sporadically during some period of time, the flexipass works better.

Rail Month and Day

A rail month is a month's worth of time, for instance, September 15 through October 14. A rail day starts on midnight and ends on midnight the next day.

Global Pass

A Eurail Global Pass allows travel through 21 countries. Global passes can be continuous or flexible.

Select Pass

A Eurail Select Pass (flexible) allows you to travel within 3 to 5 bordering countries of your choice. Choose from 24 countries.


A Saver Pass allows 2 to 5 people traveling together to buy one pass for 15 percent less than if they bought separate passes. A Youth Pass for those 25 or younger gives a 35 percent discount, but is for second class travel only.

Family Travel

Children under four travel free. Families with children four years old and over can travel together using a Saver Pass. Children 12 to 26 qualify for the Youth Pass, but adults would need to travel second class for the family to stay together.

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