Great Wall of China Fun Facts

Great Wall of China Fun Facts
About 5,500 miles long, it is practically impossible to see the entire Great Wall of China in a single trip. With its varying attractions, though, the wall offers something to see with repeat visits.


The Great Wall is divided into unique sections. The Badaling Great Wall, for example, was the first to open to tourists, and has attracted tens of millions.

Other Areas

In addition to the Badaling section, the Jinshanling. Mutianyu and Simatai sections are also popular.

Warmer Months

The wall is subject to varying weather conditions. The tourist-heavy summer season showcases the flowered countryside, while the changing colors and temperatures of autumn are less busy.

Cooler Months

Winter's heavy snowfall does not close down the wall---though it is the least busy season for tourists, the sharp contrast between the wall and the snow makes the attraction all the more visible.

Walking Tours

Though you are free to explore at your own leisure, many local and international travel companies offer guided hiking tours of the Great Wall of China.

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