How Weather Effects Travel

How Weather Effects Travel
Weather can affect travel in many ways and there are different methods of transportation that are to be considered. Whether the decision is taking a car, airplane, or a hot air balloon---checking the weather beforehand is essential.


The most important thing to do when driving or traveling through fog is to increase invisibility as much as possible by using low beam headlights and pulling over if necessary. Fog can also delay airline flights and buses.


An icy tarmac or runway can cause an airplane to skid, slide or be unable to take off or land. Ice can also affect driving, biking and traveling anywhere outdoors. Fallen branches or tree limbs from an ice storm can also block off roads.


Rain can cause several travel problems such as visibility issues while driving a vehicle or riding a bike. Heavy rainfall may lead to hydroplaning, slippery surfaces for tires and road flooding.


Wind affects travel by boat, aircraft and vehicle. It may prohibit cars from crossing over bridges or it may blow down debris that blocks off highways and roads. Small aircraft may be severely affected by wind or heavy turbulence. Wind may cause high waves making it difficult for boaters to reach their destination.


Snow can begin rapidly and leave behind a blanket of slick, icy and slushy road conditions. Heavy snow can make some roads and interstates impassable. Snow and wind combined can make visibility difficult or impossible.

Article Written By Julie Boehlke

Julie Boehlke is a seasoned copywriter and content creator based in the Great Lakes state. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Boehlke has more than 10 years of professional writing experience on topics such as health and wellness, green living, gardening, genealogy, finances, relationships, world travel, golf, outdoors and interior decorating. She has also worked in geriatrics and hospice care.

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