Camping at Grand Teton

Camping at Grand Teton
Located in northwestern Wyoming, the great natural splendor of Grand Teton National Park attracts numerous campers every year. There are a variety of options and regulations to be kept in mind when camping at the park.

RV Campsites

Only two of the park's campsites have hookups for RVs and trailers, and those are Colter Bay and Flagg Ranch. Flagg Ranch is a mixed tent and RV campground, while Colter Bay is for RVs only.


Tents Only

Gros Ventre, Jenny Lake, Lizard Creek and Signal Mountain campgrounds are tents-only, "tailgate" (vehicle accessed) campgrounds. Signal Mountain and Gros Ventre have showers and dump stations, but the other two are more primitive.

Backcountry Permits

The park is organized into zones, with each zone having a set limit on permits that can be issued to it at any given time. One-third of these permits are set aside as by-reservation only, and two-thirds as first-come, first-served, issued the day before the prospective backcountry hike is to begin.

Backcountry Reservations

You can make reservations for a backcountry permit during the popular summer season between January 1 and May 15 of that year. These entail a $25 processing fee.

Backcountry Permit Duration

During the summer, backcountry permits are good for a maximum of 10 days. Campers are not allowed to occupy the same spot for more than two consecutive days during that 10-day period.


Visitors are advised that the park is home to both grizzly and black bears, and to exercise proper precautions at all times. Campers are obliged to follow strict Leave No Trace standards of behavior.


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