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  • Facts About LaPaz, Mexico

    Facts About LaPaz, Mexico
    La Paz Mexico is the capital of the state known as Baja California Sur. Its areas of interest include picturesque beaches and a busy center city perfect for lodging, dining and shopping. Learn the facts about La Paz and the many activities you can participate in.


    The first settlers arrived in Baja California more than 12,000 years ago, yet almost nothing is known about these early peoples. The only remnants left by their tribes include crude cave paintings. The area of La Paz was first discovered by Hernan Cortéz in 1535.


    The rich blue waters provide a variety of activities for tourists to enjoy. Along with swimming, La Paz offers snorkeling, diving, surfing and fishing.

    Dining & Nightlife

    La Paz offers restaurants to meet all different tastes. Italian, American and Japanese restaurants are offered among the traditional Mexican restaurants. After dinner tourists can share a drink at clubs and bars such as Bar Tequila's, El Rollo and La Casa de Villa.


    According to Yahoo! Travel, the stretch of time between November and May is the best for visiting La Paz. The weather is more comfortable compared to the scorching summer months. Tourists should note that while the water is nice for swimming it's not always clean.


    In February, La Paz holds Carnival La Paz. The celebration includes parades and festivities such as music concerts, dancing and plenty of food. Interested visitors can find the list of activities for the year from the link in the Resource section of this article.

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