Information About the Channel Tunnel

Information About the Channel Tunnel
The Channel Tunnel, also called the Chunnel, runs between Kent in southeast England and Calais Coquelles in the northern part of France. The Eurostar train runs 24 hours a day, every day of the week, making it an easy and comfortable way to cross the English Channel into mainland Europe.

Opening Ceremony

The tunnels are twin tunnels that officially opened in 1994 at a ceremony in Calais. In actuality, the tunnels opened much earlier; the first one in May 1991 and the second one in June 1991. The tunnels run 31 miles long.


For the traveler looking for a lower carbon footprint, this tunnel is an excellent option because the trains are electric, limiting the greenhouse gases found in fossil fuel vehicles.

Quick Trip

The trip is only 35 minutes from terminal to terminal. In addition to the Eurostar passenger train, shuttles carry trucks and vehicles through the tunnel.

Luxury Travel

The Channel Tunnel train service is run by Eurostar. This service runs every 30 minutes during peak hours and once an hour in off-peak hours.


More than 13,000 workers were employed to complete this tunnel. The tunnel has an average depth of 150 feet under the English Channel.

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