About Ice Fishing Gear

About Ice Fishing Gear
You need specific gear to try your luck at ice fishing, as this winter sport is far different from fishing on the open water. Equipment to get through the ice is vital, as is the proper gear to catch the fish underneath it.


One of the most significant pieces of gear you need for ice fishing is an auger to make holes in the thick ice. Manual, gas and electric ice augers drill holes with diameters as small as 6 inches and as wide as 10 inches in the ice.



Devices called tip-ups, which contain a reel arm and a flag, alert you when a fish grabs your bait. Among the most popular are wooden tip-ups, polar tip-ups, and a combination of tough plastic and metal tip-ups.


Modern techology now provides you with many tools to increase your chances of catching fish. Electronic fish finders, underwater cameras, depth finders and hand-held global positioning systems can help you find and catch fish under the ice.

Other Ice Fishing Gear

You'll need bait buckets, rubber sleds to carry gear, tackle boxes and fishing tackle. You'll also need large ladles to clear the ice from your drilled holes.

Safety Equipment

No ice angler should venture out without a length of rope and a set of ice picks. Such gear can save his or hers or someone else's life in the event someone plunges through thin ice.


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