About Mayan Ruins in Mexico

About Mayan Ruins in Mexico
If you are traveling to Mexico, take a day side trip to one of the Mayan ruins sites. The temples, tombs, pyramids and artwork educate visitors about the Mayan people who inhabited the area from A.D. 300 to 900, long before European explorers visited.


The Mayan people built over 40 cities in southern Mexico. The well-preserved ruins of these cities can be touched, climbed and walked through, making them popular tourist destinations.


The limestone-block ruins are situated on a hilly landscape surrounded by flourishing grasslands. Visitors can admire the detailed facades and doorways adorned with masks and stone carvings. The interiors of many ruins are void of decoration due to destruction by birds.


The Mayan people lived primarily in rural areas and farmed. They traveled to cities for astrological-based advice on farming and when to marry. Mathematics and astronomy guided their daily lives and religious beliefs. These influences are visible in the artwork and positioning of the buildings in the ruin cities.

Modern Features

Most of the Mayan ruins sites offer modern conveniences, including restaurants, bathroom facilities, gift shops and museums. Minimal entry fees are charged to explore the grounds and take photographs.

All Locations

Mayan ruins are located in southern Mexico, northern Belize, Honduras and Guatemala, with many designated as World Heritage Sites.

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