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  • Dead Sea Levels

    Dead Sea Levels
    The Dead Sea is a lake in the Rift Valley of Jordan. The waters in the Dead Sea have the highest salinity (salt content) and density of any sea on Earth. It has two main basins that are separated by the Lisan Peninsula and the Lynch Straits.

    World Record

    The bottom of the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the surface of the Earth.


    The water level of the Dead Sea has diminished by more than 21 meters since 1930. Human water consumption in the area is believed to be responsible for the majority of the decline.


    The Dead Sea is approximately 412 meters below the Mediterranean average sea level.


    The drop in the Dead Sea level has caused underground caverns to form where rivers meet with the Dead Sea shore due to the river flowing faster. This has resulted in tourists falling down sink holes that suddenly appear as the waters carry sediment with them into the Dead Sea.

    Flotation and Salt

    The areas of the lowest water level also have the highest salt content, which makes for the best floating experience when swimming in the water. This is a major reason why people visit the Dead Sea.

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