Distance Between New Zealand Cities

Distance Between New Zealand Cities
New Zealand is an ideal country for roadtripping. Due to its relative compactness it's easy to navigate the majority of the country over the course of a short vacation. New Zealand is made up of the North Island and the South Island, each with its own landmarks and landscapes.

North Island - Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand's most populated urban area, containing 1.4 million residents. Auckland is 262 miles from Napier, 145 miles from Rotorua, 124 miles from Waitomo and 409 miles from Wellington.

North Island - Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand's capital and third most populous city. Wellington is 511 miles from Whangharei, 241 miles from Taupo, 331 miles from Hamilton and 446 miles from Hicks Bay.

South Island - Christchurch

Christchurch is the South Island's largest city and the country's second largest urban area. The city and its surrounding areas have extremely temperate weather, but it can become dangerously cold at night. Christchuch is 480 miles from Milford Sound, 262 miles from Nelson, 302 miles from Queenstown and 209 miles from Picton.

South Island - Milford Sound

Milford Sound, one of the world's most well-known (and most beautiful) fjords, is located 255 miles from Dunedin, 688 miles from Picton and 245 miles from Wanaka.

South Island - Mount Cook

Mount Cook (Aoraki) is New Zealand's largest peak and a perennial destination for climbers. It's 163 miles from Queenstown, 469 miles from Nelson and 206 miles from Christchurch.

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