About Beaches in Puerto Rico

About Beaches in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico makes an ideal vacationing spot. No matter what season it is, Puerto Rico experiences comfortable temperatures perfect for surfing, sailing or snorkeling. Depending on which sunny activity you are looking to enjoy, Puerto Rico has the right beach for you.

Playa Higüero

Surfers traditionally head to Playa Higüero on Rincon Island between November and April for the largest swells. This beach formerly hosted the world surfing championships on its 16 foot waves. Surfers have nicknamed it "Little Malibu."

Playa de Ponce

Playa de Ponce is located in the city of Ponce, on the southern side of the island. Its calm and clear waters create the perfect beach for swimmers to relax and enjoy the water.

Playa Esperanza

Playa Esperanza offers the best view of sea life and antler coral on the island. Snorkelers or scuba divers will head to this beach for their underwater adventures.

Boquerón Beach

Southwestern beaches, such as Boquerón Beach, provide visitors with the best scenery. Frommers.com compares this three mile stretch to a "tropical Cape Cod." Sailing, swimming or ocean front picnics are popular activities along this beach.

Pine Grove Beach

The northern and western coasts have the strongest wind. Pine Grove Beach is the ideal place for windsurfers or families wanting to spend a few hours flying a kite.

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