Puebla Pyramids Information

Puebla Pyramids Information
The Puebla Pyramid is the largest man made pyramid in the world. The enormous structure, Tenapa, is often referred to as a group of pyramids because several structures were built on top of each other over hundreds of years.


The Puebla Pyramids is a large complex located in the town of Choula. Choula is located about 10 minutes from Puebla. Puebla is 80 miles southeast of Mexico City.



Tenapa is the name given to the Puebla pyramid's main structure and measures 181 feet high. Tenapa encompasses 46 acres. which makes it four times larger than the Cheops pyramid in Egypt.


Tenapa's three pyramids were built between 400 BC and the 14 century. A catholic church was built on top of the third pyramid in 1666. Archaeologists have uncovered nearly five miles of tunnels inside the pyramid. Though the pyramid is now covered with grass, one area has been uncovered and the original triangular shape is distinguishable.

Discovery and Excavation

In 1910 an insane asylum was under construction at the base of the structure when its builders found the original pyramid. More of the pyramid was uncovered in 1931. Excavation continued until 1971 until the project ran out of funding. As of early 2010, the pyramid remains only partially excavated.

Tour Information

Tours are available Tuesday through Sunday for $3.70 (U.S.) with guided tours starting at $10. It takes several hours to tour the tunnels.


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