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  • Can You Wash Bicycle Gloves?

    Can You Wash Bicycle Gloves?
    You absolutely can wash your bicycle gloves. And you should. Bicycle gloves will begin to smell after a short time as they collect sweat and dirt when you ride.

    Look for the Tag

    Check the tag for washing directions. There usually is a manufacturer's label with washing directions on the inner wrist of cycling gloves.


    Cold Water, Please

    If there isn't a tag or you've lost the instructions, washing in cold water with mild detergent should be fine. Be careful to separate light and dark colors, and use the delicate cycle on your washing machine.

    Velcro Straps

    Before placing bicycle gloves in the washer, be sure to securely close any Velcro straps. Make sure that none of the rough hooking Velcro is uncovered, or it will latch onto other clothing in the wash.


    Hang your cycling gloves to dry. They will last longer if you do not dry them in the dryer. Some cycling gloves also have leather pads, and they might crack or shrink in the dryer.

    Hand Washing

    Gentle hand washing is also an option. It takes a little more of your time than machine washing, but it might prolong your gloves' life. Use delicate fabric wash and cool water in a sink. Rinse well, and hang your gloves to dry.


    Article Written By Tanya Wyr

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