About the Cliffs of Dover

About the Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover have been the subject of poems, movies and songs, and they are generally accepted as a symbol of hope and freedom in Great Britain.


The Cliffs of Dover form part of the British coastline, fronting the English channel.


The view from the top of the White Cliffs of Dover includes one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and France.


A visitor center near the White Cliffs of Dover offers guest restrooms, loans backpack baby carriers, has activity packs for children and employs experienced staff to answer questions.


The White Cliffs of Dover are up to 350 feet tall in some places. Chalk---pure white calcium carbonate---with streaks of black flint give the cliffs their signature white color.


Narrow trails along the cliff tops give visitors not only a remarkable view, but also allow them to observe rare plants and animals in their grasslands home.

Article Written By Maria Tussing

A freelancer from South Dakota, Maria Tussing has been writing since 2000. She has been published in "Family Fish & Game," "Wondertime," "Today's Horse" and "Cattle Business Weekly," among other publications. Tussing holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Chadron State College.

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