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  • Boating Regulations for Jet Skis in South Carolina

    Boating Regulations for Jet Skis in South Carolina
    In South Carolina, jet skis and other personal watercraft (PWC) must follow the same rules as boats, plus some regulations that are specific to PWC. To learn these regulations, you should take the state's boating safety course and thereby obtain a South Carolina boating license.


    Unless they're with someone 18 or older, those younger than 16 must have completed a state-sanctioned boater safety course. The training can be taken online.

    Personal Flotation Device

    Anyone riding a jet ski must wear a personal flotation device. These must be Coast Guard-approved, Types I, II, III or V.

    Time Frame

    Personal watercraft can only be operated during daylight hours.


    To avoid creating problem wakes and other dangers, regulations state that you can't operate over idle speed if you're less than 100 feet from a coastline or closer than 50 feet to wharfs, docks or piers, people in the water or anchored crafts.

    Crossing Paths

    Those operating a jet ski aren't allowed to jump the wakes of other vessels unless that other boat is at least 200 feet away. You should leave room between your craft and another when crossing paths.

    Safety Lanyard

    Your jet ski must have or self-circling device or a safety lanyard attached from the ignition safety switch to your wrist or your personal flotation device.

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