What Is a Bicycle Pump?

What Is a Bicycle Pump?
A bicycle pump is used to keep the tires of a bicycle inflated and working properly. Bicycle pumps can be used before or after cycling but there are also portable mini-models available that can be carried on the bike for emergencies. Most standard bicycles maintain between 45 and 100 PSI (pounds per square inch) for proper inflation.


Mini bike pumps are easy to transport and useful on a bike trail for a quick resolution to a flat tire. Some models can be placed in backpacks, purses or bike racks that will stay clear of bike operation.



Floor pumps are more powerful than frame-fit or minis. These pumps quickly inflate but are larger than most and should be used off-road or in the garage. Floor pumps can be hand-forced or generated by an air compressor.

Frame Fit

Frame-fit pumps are generally secured to the frame or center support bars or rack of a bicycle. The advantage of using this bicycle pump is its portability and lightweight design.


Choosing a carry-on bicycle pump that will withstand being exposed to water, gravel and sandy terrain while traveling is essential for long-term use and maximum safety. A pump should be chosen that carries a lengthy warranty against hose, clamp or pressure tank damage.

Pump Performance

Making sure the bicycle pump performs properly will give surety to a correctly inflated tire. Force of the stroke and total PSI output are methods of pump performance that will assure proper inflation.


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