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  • What Is Float Fishing?

    What Is Float Fishing?
    Float fishing describes a method of angling in which a float, also called a bobber, is attached to the fishing line. This floating device allows the individual to suspend her bait below the surface at whatever distance she wishes and it also alerts the person to the bite of a fish.


    There are different types of bobbers, which come in various shapes. The classic float is the red and white round plastic bobber but floats also come in more streamlined shapes and styles, with some being oval, tubelike, or shaped like slim spinning tops.


    Floats are attached to the line in different ways, with some having small metal catches that can be deployed to wrap the line around and others being able to be threaded right onto the line.


    Fishing floats at one time were almost always made of cork but when plastic was invented bobbers followed suit. Balsa has become a popular material for floats to be made of nowadays, as it is more durable than plastic.


    Live bait such as night crawlers and shiners will be hooked below floats and cast out into the water. When the fish takes the bait the angler will see the float pulled under or begin to bob up and down in the water.

    Expert Insight

    Children are often taught the float fishing method to get them interested in fishing at a young age. By being able to watch the float and see it move the child can be prompted to set the hook and reel in the fish.

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