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  • About Camping at Mount Belford

    About Camping at Mount Belford
    At 14,197 feet, Mount Belford in Colorado is a mountain peak that is the focal point of the surrounding landscape. One way to enjoy the area is to camp there. There is no public campground in the area so primitive camping is encouraged.


    Making sure the proper gear is available will assure a safe and comfortable trip. A lightweight but sturdy tent will make carrying and setup easy. Portable camping stoves that use alcohol or propane will assist with a hot meal.



    Many campers at Mount Belford also climb the mountain and trek the area trails. Making sure the camp gear is light and adequate backpacking gear is available will maintain a lighter load. Many campers might set up camp in multiple locations as they trek through the mountain area.

    Backcountry Camping

    Backcountry camping is the only type of camping available at Mount Belford. This means most locations are free or require a low-cost permit. This type of camping means the camper can set up in any location but should always try to remain "footprint free" and leave minimal trace.

    Choosing a Campsite

    A campsite that is free from brush, rocks, and jagged or uneven terrain is essential for a safe and comfortable base. Areas away from waterfalls and water sources that could invade camp are also discouraged.


    The weather at Mount Belford is highly unpredictable throughout the seasons. During the summer, lightning and wind storms are to be expected, and can generate rapidly causing danger to hikers and campers. In the winter, snow and ice can accumulate on top of the mountain and in the valleys.


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