Information on Rain Forest Birds

Information on Rain Forest Birds
Rain forest birds are found in tropical regions throughout the world. Some also reside in zoos, wildlife refuges and domestic homes. They are colorful and distinct in appearance and habitat.

Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw can be identified by its colorful tones of bright reds, yellows, whites and blues. It lives off nectar, fruits, nuts and riverbed clay.

Blue and Gold Macaw

The blue and gold macaw has a keen ability to be acrobatic and carry a humorous behavior. Some can even talk.


The Toucan is a brightly colored bird that resides in deep South and Central American rain forests. Thriving off of insects in the interior of the forest, it creates holes inside hollowed-out trees to live and nest.

Moluccan Cockatoo

The Moluccan cockatoo, found in dense areas of rain forest, has a lifespan of around 65 years. It has a distinct feather ruffle on the top of its head, with a white or pale-pink body and light-gray chest.

Great Hornbill

The great hornbill, identified by the large casque on its head, can be found in the canopies of trees in the tropical rain forests of Asia. Its primary diet is fruit, insects and small reptiles.

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