Leon, Nicaragua, Tourism

Leon, Nicaragua, Tourism
Leon was the original capital of Nicaragua, having been settled in 1524. Today, it no longer has that title, but it is still an important cultural and historical center for the Central American country. Visitors from around the globe come here annually.


Leon is located on the northwest coast of Nicaragua, bordering the Pacific Ocean. Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, is 100 km away (62 miles).


The cathedrals in Leon are some of the oldest and most celebrated in Nicaragua. Particularly interesting is the largest cathedral in Central America, the Catedral de Leon, which can still be visited.


Leon is a center for local, regional and national art. The Fundacion Ortiz-Gurdian is a popular gallery featuring contemporary Latin American art, European masterpieces and pre-Columbian art.


Getting around Leon is pretty easy. There are three main bus terminals that shuttle people throughout most of the city, and taxis are available for reasonable prices within Leon and between it, in neighboring cities.


The architecture of Leon is particularly notable and many people visit for that reason. It features some of the best preserved colonial architecture in Nicaragua, as it was saved from the extensive damage done to other cities, such as Managua, in previous wars.

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