Where Is Amelia Island in Florida?

Where Is Amelia Island in Florida?
Amelia Island is an island along the eastern coast of Florida. It is also known as the Isle of Eight Flags because it has had eight countries rule over it since 1562.


Amelia Island is one of the southernmost of the Sea Islands. The Sea Islands are a chain of barrier islands that hug the coast and stretch from South Carolina to Florida.

In Relation To ...

Amelia Island is located just south of Cumberland Island, in Georgia, and just east of Jacksonville, Florida. It is situated close to the border between the two states.

County and Cities

Amelia Island is part of Nassau County in Florida and contains Fernandina Beach and Amelia City. The downtown district of Amelia Island is in a very old and historic section of the island.


Since 1562, France, Spain, Great Britain, Spain (again), the Patriots of Amelia Island, the Green Cross of Florida, Mexico, the Confederate States of America and the U.S. have all flown flags on the island. It is known for an event in Colonial times called the Amelia Island Affair, and was the final destination of Santa Catalina de Guale, a mission to convert Native Americans to Catholicism.


The island hosts the Amelia Island Jazz Festival, the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival, the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance and the Amelia Island Film Festival.

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