About Zebra Finches

About Zebra Finches
Zebra finches are one of the most vocal species of small birds. Their two-tone sound and identifying marks make them easy to recognize among other species and breeds of birds.


The zebra finch generally only lives between seven and 10 years. In a controlled environment with minimal breeding and medical care, they can live up to five years longer.



The beak on a zebra finch is a prominent red in the males---with the females having a lighter red or pale orange-colored beak. Males have a more dominant zebra design to the top of their breasts and often their tails, but this is not dominant in all birds. Colors are variations of silver, light brown with white or light-colored breasts.


Cages should be kept in a warm, dark location. A minimum of 18 square inches of space is recommended for two zebra finches. Swings, small concrete perches, food and water trays are necessities for a healthy cage. Some zebra finches like to nest. Adding scraps of wicker, straw or leaves may encourage them to create a corner nest.


Zebra finches will begin nesting almost immediately after being placed in their cage. The male builds the nest and the female will later lay four to five eggs. Most eggs hatch around 18 days after the last egg is laid.


Seed mix from a local grain feed or pet store is sufficient for a pet zebra finch and the food tray should be checked and kept full daily or every other day. Spray millet, greens or finch seed treats can also be used to supplement the finches' feeding habits.

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