California Fish & Game Free Fishing Day

California Fish & Game Free Fishing Day
Fishing is a wonderful activity for the whole family. In order to promote this pastime, the state of California offers two free fishing days a year.


A free fishing day allows everyone to go fishing without a license. The Department of Fish and Game sets aside two days--for example, the Fourth of July and Labor Day--for people to fish without having to pay for a license. All other fishing regulations still apply.


These days allow people who have never tried fishing to see if they like the sport without having to buy a license. If they like fishing, they can then buy a license and equipment of their own to continue this pastime.

Other Services

The Department of Fish and Game also offers free clinics on these days to learn about fish, habitat and the best ways to catch them. In some urban areas, they even offer "Fishing in the City" programs which allow fishing in major metropolitan areas with educational programs.


Free fishing days are a terrific way to get the family together and have fun without spending a lot of money on getting a license for everyone over the age of 16.

Pier Fishing

Fishing off public piers in California is free year round. These piers have places where fishing gear may be purchased or rented, and where information on fishing may be found.

Article Written By Scott Whitney

Currently living in Southern Arizona, Scott Whitney is a certified English teacher and serves in the Army. He has written for the U.S. Government for 12 years. Whitney has an A.A. degree in history from Ricks College and a B.A. in family and community history from Brigham Young University.

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