Price of a Washington Fishing License

Price of a Washington Fishing License
The fees collected from the sale of fishing licenses help fund fish management operations throughout the state of Washington. By purchasing a license, you help continue the sport of fishing for years to come. Washington fishing license prices vary depending on the category which applies to you. Please note that the following prices are from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife 2017 license fee schedule. The costs for 2018 licenses remain unchanged.

Resident Annual License

Washington residents aged 16 and over must have a license to fish. These licenses vary in price depending on where you will be fishing. For residents aged 16-69 a license for freshwater only is $29.50. Saltwater only is $30.05. A shellfish/seaweed gathering license is $17.40 but a razor clam specific license is $14.10. A combined fresh and saltwater fishing and shellfish license costs $55.35 a year. Seniors do receive a discount for fishing licenses (fees listed below).

Non-Resident Annual License

Non-residents aged 16 to 69 will pay higher fees. Freshwater only is $84.50 and saltwater only is $59.75. A shellfish/seaweed gathering license is $36.10 but a razor clam specific license is $21.80. Fishing and gathering shellfish combined costs $124.65 a year.

Daily Licenses

The state of Washington provides licenses for both residents and non-residents who will only be fishing from one to three days. A combination fresh and saltwater license which includes shellfish is between $11.35 and $19.05 for residents and military members with a valid military identification, and $20.15 and $35.55 for non-residents. A three-day razor clam license is $9.70 for both residents and non-residents.

Youth and Disabled Licenses

Youths younger than 16 and residents with disabilities need to buy a combination license for fresh and saltwater fishing, which includes shellfish and costs $8.05 for youths and $11.35 for disabled residents annually.


Senior citizens (aged 70+) have reduced fee licenses. Freshwater only is $7.50, saltwater only is $8.05. A shellfish/seaweed gathering license is $7.50. All other prices match the resident annual rate except the double pole endorsement.

Special Endorsements

The state does provide endorsements for special situations. The Two-Pole endorsement is $14.80 for everyone except seniors who pay $6. The Columbia River Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement, which has been required since April 1, 2010, is $8.75 ($7.10 for seniors). The Puget Sound Crab Endorsement is $8.75.


Article Written By Scott Whitney

Currently living in Southern Arizona, Scott Whitney is a certified English teacher and serves in the Army. He has written for the U.S. Government for 12 years. Whitney has an A.A. degree in history from Ricks College and a B.A. in family and community history from Brigham Young University.

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