Scallop Fishing License in Florida

Scallop Fishing License in Florida
Bay scallops are a delectable reward for a day spent along the Gulf of Mexico scalloping. Scallop harvesting is covered by a Florida saltwater fishing license and is required for the collection of scallops from shore or offshore.


Bay scallops may be taken from July 1 through September 10.


The zone for scallop harvesting stretches along Florida's Gulf coast from the Mexico Beach Canal's west bank in Bay County to the Pasco-Hernando County line.

Bag Limit

The individual daily limit for bay scallops is one pint of meat or two gallons of whole scallops. The boat limit for bay scallops is one-half gallon of meat or 10 gallons of whole scallops.


Bay scallops must be collected by hand or with a dip net. Fishing by hand is typically done while using snorkeling gear in the coastal shallows, which average five to 10 feet deep.

Commercial Harvesting

The commercial harvesting of bay scallops is prohibited.


Bay scallops in Florida are usually less than three inches long and more commonly one to two inches. The upper shell is darkly mottled. An interesting characteristic are the blue eyes located along the shell opening.

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