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  • Ohio State Fishing Licenses

    Ohio State Fishing Licenses
    In the state of Ohio, you require a fishing license if you intend to fish or capture turtles and/or frogs. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources website states that different licenses exist to cover your angling needs.

    Resident Licenses

    Residents of Ohio older than 15 require a fishing license to fish legally in state waters. Resident seniors 66 years old or older may purchase their fishing license at a reduced rate. Ohio defines a resident as someone residing in the state for the last six months.

    Time Frame

    Fishing licenses that cover specific periods are available in Ohio for residents and non-residents. A one-day license for both natives of Ohio and non-residents, as well as a three-day non-resident tourist license, allow people who do not want to buy a regular license to fish in the time frame covered by the license.


    You can receive an exemption from having to purchase a fishing license if you are aiding a physically disabled angler, with the stipulation that you are using only a single fishing line between the two of you.

    Free Licenses

    Individuals such as former prisoners of war, permanently disabled war veterans and residents of Ohio state institutions are eligible for a free fishing license.


    While fishing in a private lake, reservoir or pond in Ohio in which there is no fish migration, you do not need a fishing license, unless you target frogs and/or turtles.

    License Possession

    Ohio statutes require you to have a current license in your possession while angling and show it to any conservation officer upon request.

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