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  • What Is Salt Water Fishing?

    What Is Salt Water Fishing?
    Saltwater fishing is a sport in which saltwater fish are caught for consumption. This type of fishing occurs near or on oceans, saltwater rivers or tributaries in which water flows.


    Saltwater fishing gear differs slightly from freshwater mainly because of the weight of the fish that can be caught. Rods should be around 9 feet in length and made from sturdy titanium or stainless steel. Floating fishing lines are good for shallow fishing and clear lines with a sink tip are good for deep-sea fishing.



    Because most saltwater fishing trips or excursions involve being on the sea, a reliable and accurate navigation system is necessary. GPS units and marine sonar navigational systems are a must for the responsible fisherman.


    Locations involve the major world oceans and their tributaries.


    Live crustaceans, oysters, fish and crayfish can be used as bait. Synthetic lures that are colorful and attractive to particular types of fish can also be used.


    Fishing can be done on the shorelines or off docks, but generally, fishing boats that hold gear and can accommodate sea conditions are the most sought after. Offshore includes heavy-duty boats that can withstand harsh weather conditions and wave activity. Inshore boats are perfect for bay fishing or calmer weather elements.


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