What Are Aqua Shoes?

What Are Aqua Shoes?
Aqua shoes are also referred to as water shoes or swim shoes. They are specifically designed for a feel of comfort and overall stability among wet terrain and slippery surfaces.


The main use is to protect the feet from sharp objects such as rocks, glass or jagged edges. It might also protect against cold surfaces, hot sand or terrain, and provide traction on uneven or wet surfaces.


There are different types of aqua shoes for different activities. There are shoes for overall foot protection, slip-ons for quick access in and out of the water, ankle-high water shoes for swampy waters, and flip flops and sandals for beach combing or poolside activities.


The main materials include rubber, neoprene, nylon and mesh designs that are waterproof and skid resistant.


Some accessories that are included are Velcro, shock pads, reinforced heels, rust-resistant zippers and adjustable bungee straps.


Those who frequently buy aqua shoes are swimming athletes who wear the shoes while getting in and out of pools, outdoor enthusiasts who travel across rocky or unknown lake bottoms, and children or adults who frequent shorelines or enjoy walking through water sources.


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