What Are Freeze Dried Foods?

What Are Freeze Dried Foods?
Freeze-dried foods provide an instant meal that is resistant to spoiling. This type of food is typically used in emergency survival situations, or where food storage and preparation is difficult or impossible.


Food is freeze dried by flash freezing cooked food to a temperature of minus 50 degrees F, leaving taste, nutrients and freshness intact. The processes of sublimation is then implemented by low-level heat in which ice crystals evaporate but allow the food to remain dry and preserved.



Freeze -dried food can easily be consumed right out of the can or pouch. The contents are poured into an eating container where the option of water might be needed for certain foods. Reheating the food is optional.


There are many types of food that can be freeze dried such as vegetables, meats, soups and snacks. Frozen items such as ice cream can also be freeze dried once it goes through the sublimation process.


Freeze-dried food is popular among campers, backcountry hikers, excursionists and outdoor trips away from civilization. Freeze-dried food can also be used as a stockpile for emergency preparation purposes as the food resists spoiling and varying temperatures.


Most cans and pouches are lightweight because of lack of water content so they can be stored almost anywhere. Many cans can last up to 25 years, and pouches of freeze-dried foods can withstand approximately seven years of shelf life.


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