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  • Florida Freshwater Fishing Licenses

    Florida Freshwater Fishing Licenses
    In addition to the inshore and offshore Florida waters, anglers can opt to drop a line in the rivers and lakes that dot the Florida landscape for largemouth bass, sunfish and other freshwater species. A freshwater fishing license is required for most fishermen interested in freshwater fishing in Florida.


    For 2010, the cost for a one-year freshwater fishing license is $17 for Florida residents and $47 for non-residents. Non-residents can also choose a three-day fishing license for $17 or a seven-day fishing license for $30.


    A freshwater fishing license is not required for children younger than 16, developmentally disabled clients of the Department of Children and Family Services and Florida residents who are members of the U.S. military home on leave. A freshwater fishing license is not required of anyone when fishing on a private pond less than 20 acres, cane pole fishing in your home county or fishing in your county residence from your property.

    Florida Resident Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing Certificate

    Florida residents 65 or older can obtain a Florida Resident Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing Certificate at no cost from their county tax collector. This certificate serves in lieu of the hunting and fishing licenses required for other outdoorsmen.

    Saltwater Fishing License

    Many of Florida's saltwater species can be found in the state's freshwater rivers. A saltwater fishing license is required in addition to a freshwater fishing license to take saltwater species from freshwater.

    Free Fishing Weekend

    The first weekend of April each year is Free Fishing Weekend when no license is required for freshwater fishing.

    Article Written By David Chandler

    David Chandler has been a freelance writer since 2006 whose work has appeared in various print and online publications. A former reconnaissance Marine, he is an active hiker, diver, kayaker, sailor and angler. He has traveled extensively and holds a bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida where he was educated in international studies and microbiology.

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